Tanto Aluminum Training Knife


Hand made 1/4″ thick, 11 5/8″ long premium aluminum training tanto.

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The tanto is the traditional knife used by thousands of martial artists. The Dojo Training Knives Tanto is a 11 5/8″ long premium aluminum training knife with smooth design and a realistic feel. The handles are authentic micarta that are custom made for the fit you are looking for.  The 1/4″ thick aluminum blade has the slight curve of the infamous Japanese blade of the samurai. It is a perfect weight for training because it simulates an actual Japanese tanto.  It’s rigidity is great for practicing disarms because it does not bend in an unrealistic way when prying it out of your partner’s tight grip like most rubber knives.  With a lifetime guarantee, this is the best and last training knife you will ever have to buy.

Additional information

Weight .49 lbs
Blade Finish

Black Anodized, Kasumi Finish, Polished Aluminum


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