Our Craft

Dojo Training Knives was created by two friends who were not only martial artists, but also knife enthusiasts who were not satisfied with the training equipment available in the market.  The available training knives they could buy online were not satisfactory because the blade shapes were generic, the handles were only available in cheap paracord wrapped poorly, and the finishes of the blades were too rough and ugly.  They got together and soon were making the best training knives on the market.

The blade shapes mimic current and popular knives that are widely used by the military, martial artists of many disciplines, and by knife enthusiasts around the world.

The handles are available to be ordered with genuine micarta shaped custom fit scales so they are more realistic and comfortable than your typical training knife.

The blades can be ordered with polished aluminum blades for a flashy appearance during demonstrations etc, or can be ordered with a special Kasumi finish for superior strength and durability against scratches, dents, and other damage from rough training.

Dojo Training Knives are the best quality training knife on the market today.

Train with the best, to be the best!